Merchant Of Venice

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Many scholars think that William Shakespeare was an anti-Semite, and yet others feel that he was in fact not anti-Semitic. I think along the same lines as the people that feel that William Shakespeare was not anti-Semitic. I have read the Merchant of Venice and the evidence that I gathered from that made me think that Shakespeare isn't anti-Semitic. I noticed that he placed characters in this story that were anti-Semitic, like Antonio, but I …

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…not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?" Shylock. I feel that writing this line into the play Shakespeare was trying to show that Elizabethans that Jewish people were like them. I also feel that if Shakespeare was anti-Semitic, he wouldn't have had Shylock live or at least be tortured more. In conclusion, that is why I feel that William Shakespeare was not anti-Semitic, even though he put characters in his plays