"Medical Challenge to Midwifery" by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich.

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In the article "Medical Challenge to Midwifery," written by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, many themes, patterns and trends that are concurrent with ideas as expressed in the novel Midwives by Chris A. Bohjalian. These themes, patterns, and trends include sexism, conflict between physicians and midwives, home remedy usage, the public opinion on the role of doctor and midwife in childbirth, the psychological implications of the role of the doctor and midwife, and finally the intimidation of …

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…trained individual in attendance, which would rule out lay-midwives. Too much can happen in the first moments of life that should be taken care of by someone with more training and education than just a person who know what they are doing because of "experience." I believe that educated midwives should continue on practicing and the mother to be should be able to decided whether she'd rather a physician or a midwife deliver their child.