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BACKGROUND PAPER ON SGT MAYNARD SMITH 1. When you hear about the Medal of Honor, do you know why it is given? Do you as a military member know what a member must go through to receive such an honor? Sadly, a lot of military members donít realize what a prestigious award this is. My intention today is to share with you what the Medal of Honor is. Also, I am going to tell you …

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…of heroism should explain what acts of bravery and courage is required to receive a Medal of Honor. 4. You now have some history on the Medal of Honor, and are informed on what the guidelines are for a military member to receive such an honor. In addition, you are familiar with a very brave and courageous man, Sgt. Maynard Smith, who made the self-sacrifice and risked his life for his country and his fellow crewmembers.