Mccarthyism and the Witch Trials

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History Repeated It is hard to believe how one single person can gain so much power. Enough power to falsely accuse many people of something they are not. Through the fear of a society one person can control everyone and everything. Senator Joseph McCarhty had that power for four years. McCarthy was not well-liked but he learned how to be feared through his accusations of communism against many U.S. government officials. Abigail Williams was …

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…Miller's main purpose was to show that history repeats itself. He chose to do it in a subtle way so he would not be accused of communism himself. The Crucible showed many hidden parallels and messages between Joseph McCarthy's hunt for communists and the famous witch hangings in Salem. Miller wanted to show that McCarthy's accusations were nothing but a witch hunt and he did this through literary devices such as: metaphors, symbolism, and irony.