Mayor of Castrobridge

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Michael Henchard as a Father Michael Henchard as a father developed into a man that desired to make amends for his past faults. He is a man of admirable qualities, yet he is also a man of mistakes. For his daughter he tried to provide the bond that many father- daughter relationships have. Michael Henchard falls because he ran into fate and Elizabeth Jane rejected him. Henchard is man of admirable qualities. Under the influence …

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…her a caged bird. Elizabeth Jane is breaking free from being a caged bird. He also has chosen not to share the letter with Elizabeth, which is what Susan wanted. In the Mayor of Casterbridge, Michael Henchard worked with defect and produced a great man. "A great man falls because Elizabeth Jane rejected him." The whole story is based on fate. A strong and honest man ran into fate, and it resulted in his fall.