Maurice "the rocket" Richard.

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Maurice "the rocket" Richard One of the greatest teams of the century was the Montreal Canadiens, and they also had one of greatest players of the century. That player was Joseph Henri Maurice Richard, mainly called Maurice. He was the oldest child of Onesime and Alice Richard. He lived in the north end of Montreal PQ. He started skating at the age of four, by the time he was a teenager he dominated the local …

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…the Canadiens started their string of five consecutive Stanley Cups. During those past five seasons, Richard passed on the torched to John Beliveau. Richard retired in the year of 1960 with a career total of 544 goals and 965 points. thus ended one of the greatest careers. In 1999 Maurice "the rocket" Richard died of cancer. To remember the great player, the NHL created the "Maurice Richard" trophy for the leagues top scorer of the season. R.I.P.