Matthew Pratt's "The American School" and a detailed description of the picture and ideals and themes represented in it

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The American School "The American School," an oil on canvas portrait by Matthew Pratt, is an image that depicts a scene in Benjamin West's London Art Studio. West was born in Pennsylvania and resided in London for a majority of his life. Most critics and historians agree that West is the figure standing up on the left overlooking a painting. "The American School" is strikingly detailed with contrasting colors and with each of the men …

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…is how the men draw no attention to the marble head statue that seems most likely to be the subject of the paintings. This notion confirms the individuality of each of the artists and the diversity of their ideas, as they interpret the subject differently. In the end, each artist remains an independent thinker, guided by his teacher, and contemplating art in his own way. footnote: