Mary Shelley

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Mary Wollenstonecraft Godwin Shelley was the only daughter of William Godwin and Mary Wollenstonecraft, a quite dynamic pair during their time. Mary Shelley is best known for her novel Frankenstein: or The Modern Prometheus, which has transcended the Gothic and horror genres that now has been adapted to plays, movies, and sequels. Her life though scattered with tragedies and disgrace, was one of great passion and poetry, which I find quite fascinating, but not desirable. …

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…by many to be autobiographical, “are often examined for clues to the lives of the Shelley’s and their circle,” according to William St. Clair. Critics have also admired Shelley’s non-fiction as well. Leigh Hunt once characterized Mary as “four-famed - - for her parents, her lord / And the poor lone impossible monster abhorr’d.” Today, she has emerged from the shadow of her parents and husband as an artist in her own right.