Martin Luther A Development of His Theology

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Martin Lutherís development of his theology, Lutheranism, took many years of Biblical studies, monastic living and inner soul searching. Luther had been designated by his father to be a lawyer. He pursued this wish by attending the University of Erfurt, a university that was considered to be the best and a university in which religion played a dominant role. In 1505 he passed his Masterís exam and received his degree of Law. Also in 1505 …

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…gospel. As a result of this meeting, with Cajetan, Luther became more solid and firm in his beliefs. And I feel the beginning of Luther making the first break from the Roman Church. For as Luther stated in his Resolutions that he submitted to Pope Leo X after his meeting Cajetan, ĎApprove or disapprove: for me your voice will be that of Christ, and if I have deserved death I will not hesitate to die.í