Marlow VS. Willard

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November 7, 1998 English 1a Essay #5 Marlow vs. Willard Charles Marlow and Captain Willard have many characteristics that would make them alike and different. Marlow, from the novel Heart of Darkness, was a man who was on a mission through Cambodia to find Kurtz. Captain Willard, from the movie “Apocalypse Now”, was a man on a mission to exterminate a fellow member of the United States Armed Forces, Kurtz. “Apocalypse Now” is a Vietnam parallel of the …

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…the power of the jungle and how it took in Kurtz. Willard and Marlow are both very similar but have differences as well. Throughout “Apocalypse Now” and Heart of Darkness, each character went through many conflicts. While the sailor and the soldier went on their search to find Kurtz, they encountered many different obstacles. I believe that Willard went through a rougher time then Marlow, but one can only imagine the struggles that encountered Marlow.