Marketing analysis of Target and Walmart

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A Marketing Analysis of Target and Wal-Mart <Tab/>Everyone knows the names and has shopped the stores hundreds of times over. Wal-Mart has proven to be highly successful at attracting a target market consisting of value driven, lower class consumers. In contrast, Target, despite offering similar if not equal products and prices, has taken a different approach by attracting a higher, more conservative class of customers. With each department store being …

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…its motto of "Expect more. Pay less" and Wal-mart with its motto of "Always low Prices, always Wal-mart" both deliver on their promises. In addition they both drive towards delivering to their target market. I personally was more impressed by the Target and its environment. The Wal-mart seemed to suffocate me with the pressure to buy. But it was evident that despite my opinion, Wal-mart's approach has proven to be more successful, it's the most