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Marian Anderson During The Harlem Renaissance “The Century’s Contralto” Marian Anderson, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A variety of sources suggested February 17, 1902 as her birth date, however Anderson’s birth certificate showed differently. On her birth certificate the date listed was February 27, 1897. She was born into a working class family in South Philadelphia. Her family had a few obstacles to overcome, but managed. Her father John worked selling ice and coal at the Reading …

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…Colored People, The Philadelphia Bok Award of $10,000, numerous decorations from many foreign governments, a doctorate of music from Howard University in 1938, and finally in 1963, she received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She left her mark in the minds of the public, by being the first Negro member of the Metropolitan Opera Company in New York City. Her voice was notable for its phenomenal intensity, and for its mysterious dark texture particularly in the low register.