Marbury Vs. Madison

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Marbury v. Madison Concerning the case Marbury v. Madison the Supreme Court had to keep in mind three questions in order to answer the whether or not to grant William Marbury a mandamus. The Chief Justice Marshall had to consider the laws but also the constitution. This case could have created turmoil in the importance and authority of the constitution and the Presidency. In the end, Marshall's conclusion preserved the constitution, the Supreme Court, and …

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…an original jurisdiction. This case was an original case therefore the court did not have the power to grant the mandamus. In conclusion, the first two questions were answered in favor of Marbury. However the third question's answer prohibited the Supreme Court to grant the mandamus. In other words, Marbury was found to have the right for a remedy, but the court did not have the power to grant that remedy of which Marbury asked.