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Manhattan Project The Manhattan Project was the name for the United States’ program to develop an atomic bomb during the second world war. It was the largest scientific effort undertaken at that time. It involved thirty-seven laboratories throughout the country. One-hundred thousand people worked on this project. Some of these people include the Nobel prize-winning physicists Arthur Holly Compton, Enrico Fermi, Richard Feynman, Ernest Lawrence, and Harold Urey. In the following, I will briefly discuss …

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…was dropped on Nagasaki. On August 10, Japan announced its intention to surrender. Japan formally surrendered on September 2. The Manhattan Project was cornerstone of nuclear energy. It was also the most advanced scientific movement at the time. Many scientists put their full effort into producing the world’s most powerful weapon for that period. Not only did they just create a weapon of mass destruction, these dedicated scientists helped fuel the further research on nuclear energy.