Maltese Falcon

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The Portrayal of the Characters in the Maltesse Falcon suffers from transistion to the Huston film. Spade is portrayed to have much more power in the Huston film than in the book. He seems to have more control over Brigid and the whole on going situation. First we see this when we enter the apartment of Spade. In the book we have the feeling that Spade’s apartment was small, “In his bedroom that was …

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…suspicious in the film than in the book, so at the end we would be surprised to find out that it was Brigid who killed Miles. Cairo was the one that we were so post to follow and think that he killed Miles. In Conclusion the characters of Spade, Brigid and Cairo in the Huston film suffer from transition to The Maltese Falcon. The reason this was done was to create a more dramatic effect.