Male Dominance and Female Subjugation?

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"I was genitally mutilated at the age of ten. I was told by my late grandmother that they were taking me down to the river to perform a certain ceremony, and afterwards I would be given a lot of food to eat. As an innocent child, I was led like sheep to be slaughtered. Once I entered the secret bush, I was taken to a very dark room and undressed. I was blindfolded and stripped …

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…as strands of cultural weave. One of the most extreme expressions of gender violence, concept of male honor and fear of female empowerment is seen in female genital mutilation. Throughout history, 'culture' has been invoked to justify abhorrent practices in various ranges, FGM being one of them. Female Genital Mutilation must be eradicated; not only is it a grave human rights violation but also a public health menace that transcends any and all cultural boundaries.