"Mahatma Ghandi: Man of Many Mysteries" This essay telkls of Ghandi's trials and tribulations, as he attemted to liberate India from British rule.

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Mahatma Gandhi was a man of great power. He could "move mountains" with his words. In his life he accomplished many things, one of them being the liberation of India. He showed great self-composure in everything that he did, with his "motto" being: do not retaliate, in the words of Jesus if they hit your left cheek, turn and offer them the right cheek as well. He staged many peaceful protests that went smoothly, and …

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…own people. Either way, Gandhi was a person of great meaning who was a good example of someone who wanted nothing for himself, but everything for the rest of the world. He fought for everything, for everyone but himself, and in most cases won all that he wanted. If I could pick one person that everyone should model his or her lives after I would have to say that Mahatma Gandhi would be that person.