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The Tragedy of Macbeth The Tragedy of Macbeth is plagued with the images that coincide with its many themes. Although there is really no central theme and all seem to intermingle, it would be extremely difficult to research the play in its entirety. Therefore, I've chosen to focus my study towards the recurring image of blood and how it's presence affected both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth and the eventual outcome of the play. The blood …

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…Cressida, or King Lear, produces no catharsis. Suicide is either protest, or an admission of guilt. Macbeth does not feel guilty, and there is nothing for him to protest about. All he can do before he dies is to drag with him into nothingness as many living beings as possible. This is the last consequence of the world's absurdity. Macbeth is still unable to blow the world up. But he can go on ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**