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Recently on my visit to Kelowna, B.C., I was in Craven's Discount Center and purchased a home entertainment center, model number PAM 78 (see inclosed invoice #C7214). I had seen it at my friends house I was staying at and was very impressed by its vibrant sound and sleek appearence. When I had arrived at your store I was very impressed with the service I was given and the helpful advise offered. Unfortunatly, when I …

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…TV and Radio replaced the PCB board and charged me $53.00 (see inclosed invoice #2656). Please be aware that, even though the unit is under warrenty, their were not any authorized repair shops in my area and the cost of shipping the unit would be greater than the repair costs. I hope that you will be able to reinburse me the cost of rapairing the unit, either by cheque or money order payable to the above address.