Lung diseases associated with smoking

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Bronchitis, acute or chronic inflammation of any part of the bronchi and bronchial tubes. The bronchi are large, delicate tubes in the lungs that are attached to the trachea and carry air to smaller tubes in the lungs. Acute bronchitis is characterised by fever, chest pain, severe coughing, and often the secretion of a mucoid expectorate (mucous material coughed up from the respiratory tract). The disease may be caused by the inhalation of irritant vapours …

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…headache, fever, vomiting, constipation, stiffness of the neck, or, less commonly, diarrhoea and pain in the extremities. Because nerve cells that control muscular movement are not replaced once they are destroyed, poliovirus infection can cause permanent paralysis. When nerve cells in respiratory centres, which control breathing, are destroyed, the victim must be kept alive by an iron lung (a means of artificial respiration). For every paralytic case of poliomyelitis, however, there may be 100 nonparalytic cases.