Louis Riel

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Louis Riel Imagine that the land you have been living on for years has been taken away. The government promises to help you technically and financially, but nothing is done to help. You and your family are starving and dying. This is what the government did to the Metis & First Peoples in the late 1800’s. Louis Riel was a man who led two rebellions in Canada to help the lives of the Metis and the …

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…Louis Riel is a HERO and nothing less. He risked his life trying to save others from dying because of the government. He only fought for what was right. He did everything that he needed to do. All his actions were for the Metis & First Peoples. In my opinion, the real enemy or “bad guy” is not Riel, but the government that played “hell” with the lives of these people. 1, 061 words in essay ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**