Los Vendidos summary and biography of Luis Valdez

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BIOGRAPHY <Tab/>Luis Valdez, one of ten children, was born in 1940 in Delano, California, to campesinos, or farm workers. When he was six years old, he watched a teacher use part of a paper bag to make papier-mâché masks for a theater production. This experience transformed his worldview and eventually led him to the theater. His experiences in the fields, however, lasted until he …

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…money up amongst themselves and talks about how much money they are making off this con. This play show how stereotyping is foolish because it allowed uneducated Mexicans, to con and take advantage of educated Americans, who thinks that because the stereotypical Mexican is supposed to be stupid, drunk, and lazy. Even though the Mexicans in this play were uneducated, they were still able to use stereotyping as a tool to make money off Americans.