Lord of the Flies Passage Analysis

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Golding uses chapter eight to show the changes within Ralph and Piggy. The experience on the island has caused them to mature early, and Golding develops this maturity in order to provide the reader with a believable story and memorable characters. He develops the characters through vivid details, distinct diction, simple syntax, and congested figurative language. Golding uses detail to show Ralph’s change from a civil leader to a mindless savage. When Ralph sits …

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…the reader into Ralph’s fears. Golding’s ability to portray the boys realistically, and therefore further interest the reader, is due in part to their meticulous development. Though originally, the boys were simple, free-spirited, and civilized, in this passage the reader can see that they have turned into fearful savages. Golding cleverly interweaves the development of his theme and characters so the reader is left with the impression that evil lie within us all.