Lord of the Flies Literature Critique

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Throughout Chapters six, seven, and eight, Golding focusing on Simon for being unique, and different from the other boys. He depicts Simon as a black sheep in which the other boy's dislike. One such example is that the other boy's are always making fun of him, and despite that, Simon never retaliates with returning verbal attacks. One big difference in Simon from the other boy's, is that Simon does not fear the beast. Simon knows …

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…evil on the island, and the small white dot symbolizes Simon, the one small bit of pure white good. Despite the temptations and overwhelming amount of evil to good, the small bit of good will never give up. Good fights and lives until it is destroyed, but will never surrender over to the dark side. If the world should ever become this Ying yang, what will happen when the good is swallowed by the evil?