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The Lord of the Flies William Golding I. THEME "The author is making a comment on man vs. man and man vs. nature." II. PLOT The story is about a group of kids who got stranded on an island. Quickly and almost instinctively, they formed a hierarchy among the group of the older boys. With the ingenuity of most adults, they attempt to establish a system for survival. Crude in the beginning, but it eased …

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…the time free approach at telling the story, because it leaves more to your imagination. V. PERSONAL OPINIONS Personally, I enjoyed the overall story. The way Ralph and Jack's survival techniques were incredible. I admired the way that Ralph was calm, cool and collected, and Jack had good leadership. The way the two young men held themselves was extraordinary. Survival and persuasion were the two main factors led by these two boys and the story.