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Vince Lombardi Vince Lombardi was a father, and a husband, and he had a great impact on today’s view on professional football as well as other sports. On Jun 11, 1913 born (and grew up) in Sheepshead Bay section of Brooklyn, NY; first of five children (2 sisters, 2 brothers) to Henry Lombardi and Matilda Izzo Lombardi. And in the 1920s experimented with boxing as a teenager and didn't like it. In 1928 started his studies for priesthood at …

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…for success.”(Lombardi Jr. 1) On June 24, 1970 Vince was put in to a hospital at Teofilo5 Georgetown University in D.C. after having pains in the abdominal. After 12 hours of surgery they found he had terminal cancer of the intestinal. On September 3, 1970 at 7:20am Vince died with his wife Marie at his side. He has influenced many of today’s coaches not only in football but in all other kinds of sports as well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**