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Psychosurgery 2 The Rise and Fall of Psychosurgery Just imagine, a hole of 2.5 to 5 cm of diameter, drilled by hand into the skull of a living man, without any anesthesia or asepsis, during 30 to 60 long minutes. This is maybe the most ancient form of brain surgery known to man: it is called trepanning (from Greek trupanon, borer) or trephining (Sabbatini, 1997). This perhaps was the first idea that man can be cured of mental illness by biological …

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…consider it should be ashamed to call themselves medical professionals. Psychosurgery 6 References Carruth, Gorton (Ed.). (1989). Lobotomy. The Volume Library (volume 23. pp. 1976). Nashville: The Southwestern Company. Panelist Considers Value of Psychosurgery as Techniques Become more Refine (June 7, 1996). Psychiatric News. Sabbatini PhD, Renato (June 1997). The History of Psychosurgery. Brain and Mind Magazine. Valenstein, Elloiot (1986). Great and Desperate Cures : The Rise and Decline of Psychosurgery and Other Radical Treatments for Mental Illness. New York: Basic Books, Inc., Publishers.