Llab report on testing for macromolecules.

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TESTING FOR MACROMOLECULES PURPOSE: To determine the presence of glucose, starch, lipids, and protein in various samples. APPARATUS: ·Safety goggles ·6 graduated cylinders ·6 test tubes ·A test tube rack ·hot water bath ·test tube brush ·Large beaker ·40 mL protein solution ·40 mL vegetable oil ·40 mL maltose solution ·40 mL sucrose solution ·40 mL starch solution ·40 mL distilled water ·Benedict's solution in a dropper bottle ·Iodine solution in a dropper bottle ·Sudan IV solution in a dropper bottle ·Biuret reagent …

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…of the macromolecule. For the presence of starch whether it is in the sample I will add a few drops of bureit reagent, iodine, benedict's and Sudan IV solution in each sample. After that each substance will change its colour, the substance with blue black colour will show the presence of starch, violet will show that proteins are present, orange will show glucose and red will tell me the presence of lipids in the sample.