Living with Bipolar Disorder.

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Bipolar is defined as manic-depressive illness, a psychiatric condition characterized by episodes of mania (exaggerated euphoria) alternating with periods of depression. ( I inherited the condition from my father. I am told that at the time there was no treatment other than spending time in a mental institution. I had 2 aunts and one cousin that also had the disease. They all killed themselves. My days used to begin with me …

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…Take your medication and see your doctor. ·If the medications you are currently taking are not working, ask your doctor to change them. Work until you find the right combination. ·Be prayerful. Ask God to help. He will. He helped me when I didn't believe. References Online article Medications, therapy ease 'unquiet mind' Portland Press Herald; Portland, Me.; [EBSCOhost]. University of Phoenix Online Collection. Available: