Literary themes in All Quiet On The Western Front

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Some authors use themes to show the reader some perspective. Erich Maria Remarque’s book “All Quiet on the Western Front” uses many themes but there are four main ones. Those four themes are the Lost Generation, futility of war, sound imagery, and the institutionalization or depersonalization of war. Some of these themes can be integrated together to make an alarming yet wonderful effect to draw the reader into the story of “All Quiet on …

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…many things, sound being one of the most influential. Many soldiers also experienced the other three themes mentioned in this essay. Remarque’s “All Quiet on the Western Front” vividly tells of part of his experience as a soldier in the war and the horrors of World War One. Remarque cleverly developed each of the themes at a steady pace so we can really get a feel of how the soldiers felt at some times.