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The Beginning's of Literary Study - For Dummies J A Modified Version of R. L. McGuire's Passionate Attention: an introduction to literary study. Literature and criticism Authors basic assumption of a book- the reading and the study of literature cannot and do not take place outside the context of human values. One's unique personal experiences are from whence their values are formed. These values come to light as a reader reads or a writer writes. …

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…is the personality that the work reveals 7) the work may be lacking in continuity, coherence, or unity. It may contain a weak style, use inappropriate words, contradictory ideas, cliches or trite phrases 8) does the work contain the power to bring about group action or reform 9) are the works devices used well Blackmur says of this art of inquiry, "Criticism is like walking, it is only for the one who is still moving and growing"(McGuire 66).