Lillian Hellmans Little Foxes

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 Anton Chekhov is a Russian writer. He was born in 1860 in Taganro, Russia. His childhood was spent in the slums of a poor neighborhood. He and his brothers worked long hours in the shop owned by his father. Later, he develops pleurisy in his lungs which develops into tuberculosis. One year later, his father went bankrupt. His father had always dreamed of a better life, and had recently moved into a better house on a …

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…society. For example, in his play, The Cherry Orchard , he portrays the feelings that the characters attach to the cherry orchard before it is sold at auction. Furthermore, he displays the dismay on their faces when the estate is finally auctioned off, and the new owner is the son of a peasant. During the last act of The Cherry Orchard, he causes his characters to accept the loss of their home and the cherry trees.