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‘The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance’ is both optimistic and pessimistic. It is unsatisfactory to call the film plain optimistic, which it was in the middle of the movie, as the beginning but more so the end was pessimistic. The middle of the film was optimistic because it showed the joyous personalities of the people and about ten minutes from the end of Ransom Stoddard’s flashback, film reached it’s climax when Liberty Valance …

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…Ford are relevant to American History, and this one is no different. He shows how someone’s life can be built up on a lie. Take the lie out that it is built up on, and then the rest of the building comes crashing down. The film is both optimistic and pessimistic and it sways between the two more often than other films like it, and as a result is unpredictable and enjoyable to viewer.