Lawrence of Arabia (Movie)

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Lawrence of Arabia Arabia set a new standard for movie epics. David Lean's sweeping, magisterial direction, the gnomic complexity of the screenplay by Robert Bolt and Michael Wilson, and the awe-inspiring cinematography by Freddie Young combined to make this a thinking person's spectacular. Peter O'Toole's intense, charismatic performance in the title role vaulted him to stardom; he has never been better than as the British army officer who becomes a leader of Arab warriors. The …

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…the train and we see the Arabs looking up at Lawrence, following his shadow and chanting "Aurens, Aurens" as worshipers do. Then Lean frames him against the bright sun, his arms outstretched, he turns around in the sun acting as a god with a blue sky in the background. The music is very holy and upbeat. The next shot is of Lawrence's feet. He struts showing off his boots and his robe that blows in