Kurt Vonnegut Sarcasm and Black Humor

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Sarcasm and Black Humor Kurt Vonnegut uses sarcasm to portray the humor, foolishness, and futility of real life issues, people events, and expectations. In his books, he writes like a satire, but in reality, thatís not what it really is. He has many opinions and questions of mansí search for the meaning of life. Objects, events, and people, of real life, are represented in his books and are put into Vonnegut's context. Characters in …

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…he shows it truthfully. He has a unique sarcastic way of showing reality with objects, characters, and events. He shows his opinions on religion, science, and government with sarcasm. Vonnegutís characters go through what he has gone through. He tries to show man that we can be each otherís saviors instead of each other slavemasters (6). He does this by showing the negatives of his opposing side in his books, with sarcasm and humor.