Kohlberg and his scale of maturity

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An interesting individual, by the name of Lawrence Kohlberg, came up with a fascinating way of looking at morality in our society. This man originated a scale, in which he explains his comprehension of human moral development. Kohlberg's postulate is "action determines the stage, not just conscience." He put together three levels of morality, one being the lowest and three being the highest. Kohlberg calls the first level premoral, which is mainly for children who …

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…is ready to destroy his/her life or even die for his/her beliefs. In this case Taylor believes that her friends deserve a clean chance at life and if it takes a jail sentence to get them that, she is ready to except the jail sentence. This is the highest maturity level in Kohlberg's theory possible because excepting punishment or even dying for your beliefs is the highest maturity possible for a human being.