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Chamberlain Entering Bowdoin College , Chamberlain studied the traditional classical curriculum and showed particular skill at languages. But first Chamberlain took his Bowdoin A. B. degree, in the Class of 1852, and returned north for three more years of study. Turning down the opportunity to become a minister or missionary, he accepted a position at Bowdoin teaching rhetoric. A good scholar, he was also an orthodox Congregationalist, an important factor to his Bowdoin colleagues, for the College …

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…headlong into his prepared defenses like Union they did before. When Lee reunited the army for the Gettysburg Campaign, Longstreet discussed grand strategy with Lee, and somehow got the impression that Lee was committed to fighting only defensive battles, the kind Longstreet liked. Combined with Longstreet's liabilities his deliberateness when on the offensive and his habit of sulking when contradicted. This misunderstanding would have terrible consequences for the Army of Northern Virginia in enemy territory.