Katherine Mansfields Life of Ma Parker Womens Plight

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Katherine Mansfield’s “Life of Ma Parker”: Women’s Plight Katherine Mansfield’s “Life of Ma Parker” presents the plight of Ma Parker as a working-class woman at the turn of the century, in terms of her position in the sphere of the family and in the sphere of society. “Life of Ma Parker” is a story of a widowed charwoman. Like Miss Brill, Ma Parker is a very lonely woman, but their equally painful …

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…Women on the Market” (chapter 8). This Sex Which Is Not One. pp. 170-191. Lohafer, Susan. “Why the ‘Life of Ma Parker’ Is Not So Simple: Preclosure in Issue-bound Stories”. Studies in Short Fiction. 33.4 (1996): 475-86. Mansfield, Katherine. “Life of Ma Parker”. The Garden Party and Other Stories. Ed. Alfred A. Knopf. New York: 1922. pp. 140-150. (taken from the web-site: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~mmbt/women/mansfield/garden/parker.html) Mansfield, Katherine. “Miss Brill”. pp. 330-336