Julius Caesar by Shakespeare

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Antony¡¯s Speech at the Forum Act III, Scene 2 In Act III, Scene 2, Antony begins his speech right after Brutus at the forum. In the beginning, he is booed by the people of Rome, but his manipulative words soon capture the minds of the Romans and bring them to attention. Antony¡¯s speech is wholly directed upon persuading the Roman plebeians that Caesar has been wronged when murdred. He wishes to turn the audience away …

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…of Caesar. Antony had called upon every emotion possible into play before he releases the crowd. Antony¡¯s speech took on the very desired effect. By the time Antony was done, there was no longer a crowd; they have become a mob, enraged to riot. He succeeds in bringing the crowd to its highly emotional state, and then releases the mob to seek out the conspirators and to destroy whatever order that remained in Rome.