Julius Caesar -- character development of Marcus Brutus

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Development of Marcus Brutus Marcus Brutus, from the play Julius Cæsar, made many decisions. In making these decisions, he showed what kind of a person he was on a moral, intellectual, social, or practical level. Some of these decisions were good decisions and some of them were not. Through all of these decisions, though, it is shown what kind of a person Brutus was. Some of the decisions that Brutus made were not exactly …

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…promise he made to himself. Brutus is a very strong person on a moral level. It may seem that everything Brutus did in Julius Cæsar was a mistake, but this is not so. There were some decisions that Brutus made in the play Julius Cæsar that were not mistakes. Brutus made many decisions in the play Julius Cæsar. Some of these decisions were mistakes, and some of these desicions were not mistakes.