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In the play Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare, a warning from a Soothsayer serves as a deterrent for the protagonist, Julius Caesar. The Soothsayer’s prophetic warning is heavy with irony because Caesar will be killed of the Ides of March. Caesar, who studies the man and his words, exercises poor judgement in dismissing both. In Act I, Scene 2 of Julius Caesar, a Soothsayer calls out from the crowd to Julius Caesar, warning him to “…

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…his own death. In the end, Caesar is the dreamer and does not see the reality that his views and ambitions are a threat to many. Caesar’s delusion is that he can defeat the fate of the gods. However, it is he who dies and bleeds as any man. Obviously, the Soothsayer is a deterrent to Julius Caesar for the simple reason that what he said was true. Caesar never fulfills all his ambitions.