Julious Ceasar

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Julious Ceasar All people have definite concepts of self. In different situations, one may feel short, tall, smart, slow, fast, talkative, reserved, etceteras. These self-concepts are usually very different than how others opinions of us. Depending on one's actions, words or even tone of voice, one may misrepresent oneself and be misinterpreted. One may be so arrogant or so humble that they prevent themselves from seeing themselves through others' eyes. In William Shakespeare's play Julius …

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…eir attitudes toward us. We must take time to understand why people feel about us the way they do and, if need be, make the changes which will make us better able to move productively through life. If Caesar had listened to others more and Brutus paid more attention to his deeper judgment, both would have continued to live long, productive lives, and not have been so susceptible to the actions and wants of others.