Journey to the Center of the Earth

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Summary of Plot: A Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jewels Verne is about and eccentric old scientist named Professor Hardwigg that finds directions to the center of the Earth in an old book. Harry, the narrator, is the one to translate these directions, although, he doesn’t want to tell his uncle because then he’ll be forced to come along, but after hours of being locked-up in a room while his …

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…heat, starvation, and dehydration, they come to a huge sea in the middle of the Earth. In this underworld they encounter monsters and dinosaurs that pose a threat along with the dangers of this newly discovered world within a world. Eventually, they escape by getting caught in a lava stream of a volcano that is about to erupt. When they come out, they find themselves thousands of miles away from their starting point. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**