John kennedy toole confederacy of dunces analogous to portrayal of alcohol

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Alcohol has been present in peoples lives for hundreds of years. It arrived in America with the explorers and colonists. Even before the United States became a nation, the Spanish missionaries brought grapevines. Back in the 18th century alcohol was just like any other drink. It was considered harmless. " A federal law passed in 1790 gave provisions for each soldier to receive a ration of one-fourth pint of brandy, rum, or whiskey." ( Kinney 4 ) Alcohol has been …

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…not drinking. Not only is alcohol related to direct deaths but it decreases the use of seat belts, and helmets. Toole describes this kind of irresponsibility when Mrs. Reilly is drunk and Ignatius is in the car with her. She is incapable of reversing the car and driving straight. This relates to the fact that when you are under the influence you don't realize what you are doing and you motor skills aren't functioning correctly.