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Hiroshima follows the lives of six residents of Hiroshima, the moments before and days, months and years after the Atomic Blast that destroyed the city on August 6, 1945, at 8:15 am. These people vary in age, education, financial status, and employment. Employment ranges from doctors (Dr. Masakazu Fujii and Dr. Terufumi Sasaki), personnel clerk (Miss Toshiko Sasaki), a priest (Father Wilhelm), and a reverend (Mr. Kiyohi Tanimoto). The book begins moments before the blast would occur giving …

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…more than a million. Tall modern buildings on tree-lined avenues would evolve within a city where only one in ten was a hibakusha. I believe the sentiments of almost all Hiroshima was described best by Toshiko Sasaki when she said, "I shall not dwell on the past. It is as if I had been given a spare life when I survived the A-bomb. But I prefer not to look back, I shall keep moving forward".