John Dalton: the father of modern chemistry.

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John Dalton was born in England in 1766. He was the son of a weaver and attended a Quaker school. He was intelligent at a very early age; he even began teaching at the Quaker school at the age of 12. Unfortunately, the wages were so small that Dalton had to become a farmer for the rest of his childhood. In 1781, Dalton joined his older brother and again became a teacher in Kendal, England. Within a few …

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…But with no wife or children, he had only himself to support. All he demanded in his life was food and science. He led a quiet life but had many friends John Dalton suffered a stroke in 1837. The following year brought another, which impaired his speech. A final stroke came on July 26, 1844. He died the next day. A public funeral was held and over 40,000 came to pay tribute to the Father of Modern Physical Science.