Jim Lovell's Climb to the Stars

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The sixties were a time of cultural upheavals, such as the horror of the Kennedy and King assassinations, the violence of protests, and the brutality of the war in Vietnam. And then something incredible happened: Human beings had taken the step into space, leaving their home planet to explore the universe. Astronaut Alan Shepard had just flown a fifteen-minute suborbital flight, America's first space mission. This inspired President John F. Kennedy to stand in front …

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…to ask "Why?" and Jim Lovell was among the many who aided in taking another step closer to understanding. Traveling to the moon was incredibly important, but the most important thing is the fact that we discovered the earth. Astronaut Jim Lovell may always be viewed as an American hero of the 1960s, but in fact he was just a simple American doing his job, whose job just happened to be going to the moon.