Jews in Russia

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To Russian Jews, the synagogue was the center of religion and religion was the most important thing in their lives. The rabbi was their leader, they came to him with every problem they had. Jews were poor, but they all gave tzedakah. It was said that even the poorest Jews could find someone poorer to help and give money to. According to the Jewish religion, tzedakah is one of the most important mitzvahs you can …

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…they turned to help other Jews who were not as fortunate. By 1875, Jewish political equality had been won in most of Europe. All of these changes, however, in reality, did not stop Anti-Semitism. In the early 20th century, Russia was still Anti-Jewish as they were during the middle ages. At this period, the Zionist movement had been founded. Many Jews decided to leave Russia while they could, seek a better life, and better opportunities elsewhere.