Jesus and Buddha Understanding the similarities between these men of different times and places. Reader is begins to see the parrallels between Christianity and Buddhism

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Jesus Christ and Siddharta Gautama were two different men from two different worlds. Siddharta came from the east, where there was belief in one unity rather than one god. Jesus came from a world that believed only in one deity. Yet these two men have such similarities. The way the grew up, the way they attained their enlightenment, and their teachings. Could it be that these two men were different, yet the same? The reason …

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…doing. They were showing their people the path. But not everyone can follow the same path. That is where their differences come into being. Different worlds to teach, different ways to teach them. Works Cited. Boisselier, Jean. The Wisdom of the Buddha. New York: Henry Abram Inc. 1994. Schultes, Richard. Plants of the Gods. Vermont: Healing Arts Press. 1992. Warren, Clarke. Buddhism in Translation. New York: Harvard University Press. 1979. The New American Bible: Nashville: Thomas Nelson Inc. 1987.