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Jealousy There are evil people in this world; greedy, manipulative, overbearing and jealous. Iago, in William Shakespeare's Othello, is an evil, malignant character. He uses people's goodness, integrity, and ignorance to get what he wants. When Othello's position is higher through character and status, Iago becomes jealous and decides that Othello must be eliminated. Iago is aware of the jealousy inside himself. Othello is a good man at heart, but is not aware of his …

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…succeeded in destroying the moral essence of Othello. Jealousy is one of the root features to evil. If Iago had never implanted the idea of adultery in Othello, no one would have died. But Iago was jealous, and the only way to cure his jealously was to pass it on to someone else, someone with higher stature, integrity, and confidence. Someone he envied, someone like the Moor. Bibliography Shakespeare, William. Othello, a long time ago.